WordPress 3.4: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

WordPress 3.4: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

WordPress just released an update, Version 3.4, and we take a stab at the pros, cons, and general food for thought when considering the upgrade.

Why Switch

Improvements to themes: WordPress 3.4 improves how themes are tested and edited. The new Theme Customizer acts as a way to edit your blog without publishing any changes, and it also allows you to tailor the header image size.

Changes for Developers: Improvements in WordPress internationalization and localization, different split in translation POT files for faster translations, Codex XML-RPC information update accessed via XML-RPC_WordPress_API, and WP_Query improvements

Embedding enhancements: Pasting a link to a specific tweet will allow users to interact with it as if they were seeing it on Twitter. In addition, you can now insert HTML into image captions, which can be used to give image credit.

General enhancements and why you should upgrade: Improvements in theme control, custom headers, and media are the main motivators to update your installation.  But before you press the button to update, you might want to consider the following reasons for procrastinating.


Why Hesitate

Themes: Your theme may not be compatible with version 3.4!  Many users encounter problems after updating that involve error messages explaining your old theme is not fit for the new update. Prior to performing the update, check the site where your theme was created to verify it is compatible with the 3.4 update.

Plugins: Your plugins may not be compatible with version 3.4!  Check to see if your plugins are compatible by going to the WordPress directory, and looking on the right hand side of the page next to “Compatible up to”. Serious issues may arise even if one of your plugins is incompatible.  It is recommended users with a lot of plugins deactivate them prior to updating.

Version 3.4.1 is not yet released: As simple as it sounds, sometimes it’s best to wait for the kinks to get ironed out. While the new update has great features, we simply don’t know what issues exist that have yet to be uncovered. 3.4 has yet to experience all the problems that arise when each and every user is activating it with the unique aspects of their site.


The problem overview and a solution: With every software update, you risk altering, if not ruining, areas and features of your site. As is normally the case with new software, there have already been a few reports of the upgrade changing some sites for the worse, but there is no way to tell whether or not your site will be affected without upgrading. Because there is no way to reverse your update through WordPress, make sure your site is backed up before trying the update. In the event that something malicious happens to your site, CodeGuard allows you to revert these changes in a matter of minutes, avoiding hours of research and hysteria.

Here are some tips to avoiding errors when upgrading to 3.4.


  1. WordPress 3.4 has a new theme customization feature that makes it really simple to create a new website. Just make a 1000 pixel wide banner and you can have a nice looking site in under an hour.

  2. I upgraded my wordpress site without looking at the precautions. Now going throuhg various suggestions I still get the following error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7563 bytes) in /home/tak27310/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 235
    I have tried changing the plugin folder name to pluginOld

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