Website Madness

March Madness is here!  As fun as it is to watch our brackets and cheer on our favorite teams, we also have to continue to pay attention to what is going on with our websites.

When you hear about something new, the first thing you do is Google it, right? Exactly.

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools. Given it’s importance, there will be plenty of people offering to “help” you design the best website. However, just like making March Madness picks, all the advice and options can be overwhelming. Are you really being clever and innovative in your choices or is it just madness?

A good website is about getting the fundamentals correct. You can’t win a basketball game with your only skill being the ability to slam-dunk. Similarly, you won’t attract new customers with a flashy website and no substance. So before you get out on the court, get the fundamentals correct:

  1. When someone comes to your website, is it obvious what you do? You need to get to the point. The attention span of your audience is shorter than the 30-second shot clock. You must be clear about your product or service offering, or you will have lost in the first round.
  2. Is your message appropriate for your audience? A high tech, flashy intro may be cool but it will not portray the right message if you are trying to sell insurance to retirees. Fans can be fickle. Make sure you are talking to your target audience in a language with which they are comfortable.
  3. Do you have a call to action? So often sites are all about the company and how innovative the products and services are that they forget to talk to the customer. It’s like having a pep rally and forgetting to tell people the location of the game. How can the customer engage with you? Where can they download a demo? Where can they buy your products?

And of course, once you get your website up and running, don’t forget to back it up. A hacked website certainly won’t make a strong first impression for your customers. You will have immediately lost the home team advantage.

Happy March Madness! Good luck with your picks!

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