TechCrunch Meetup Atlanta – Marketing Interns’ Perspective

Monday night proved to be our first tech event – and what an event it was! We have spent the last four weeks working on a variety of projects, ranging from sales to support and troubleshooting and even a couple tweets here and there. Performing these tasks quickly became a daily routine; and then the TechCrunch event was a week away.  We soon began the task of growing the event from less than 100 RSVPs to well over 1,200.  So of course our first instinct was to associate a clever hashtag that people could spread – thus #TCATL was born. Between a not-so-conspicuous twitter campaign and a link to the Plancast page, we slowly started to see improvements in daily growth. Aside from our efforts, dozens of individuals and organizations took part in spreading the word. Between Atlanta influentials and the TechCrunch staff, posts regarding the event racked up around tens of thousands of impressions in a matter of days. And finally, 24 hours prior to the event, we were thrilled to see 1,000 people planning to attend. 
The event proved to be an exciting night for the Atlanta Tech scene! Our expectations were blown away as the hundreds of attendees began piling in at the six o’clock commencement. The sheer excitement in the Twittosphere was overwhelming with 632 accounts tweeting with the hashtag #TCATL throughout the night and on into the following morning.

Even as summer interns a couple years away from the drinking age, SweetWater Brewery proved to be a fantastic venue for the event. Setup began early Monday morning, but the real work began at 5:30 when the early birds came and began the night. Thus ensued hours of handing out wristbands to the seemingly endless line of attendees who continued to arrive until 9PM. As if the size of the event wasn’t enough work in and of itself, the hour of rain p
ushed the large mass of techies into the already packed brew and sponsor rooms.  The hundreds of conversations paired with the bumping DJ left us hoarse as we assumed the responsibility of running our sponsor table. In spite of the unexpected showers, few were deterred from getting their fix from the delicious Atlanta Food Trucks parked in the front lot.

Within the first ten minutes of explaining CodeGuard’s service to interested attendees, it became evident that all levels and sectors of the tech community were pre
sent. While some were unfamiliar with the concept of a “WordPress”, others were inquisitive of each and every behind the scenes aspect of the backup and monitor process. Interested attendees grabbed at the hundreds of business cards that soon vanished after a mere two hours.

While the venue and sponsors added an invaluable service to the night, the attendees were what were going to make or break the event. These types of meetups seem to be most worthwhi
le with a large and diverse group; fortunately, that is exactly how we would describe Monday night. We could not be more thankful to have been apart of such a beneficial night to the Atlanta tech community.
– Zach & Charlie


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