CodeGuard Launches Sandbox Staging™: Staging Servers for WordPress Developers

ATLANTA, GA. (September 13, 2016) – CodeGuard, Inc. (, the global leader in cloud website backup services announced today a new feature, Sandbox Staging™, which instantly creates test environments for customers with WordPress websites.

Sandbox Staging

“Developers and designers know that they should be using a staging environment for the websites and applications they manage, update, or otherwise contribute to. It’s a widely accepted best practice”, says CTO Jonathan Manuzak. “The reason that many do not is that it’s a time-consuming and technically complex process to set up and maintain one of these environments. We saw an opportunity to simplify this for customers by leveraging our technical expertise and unique position in the market.”

CodeGuard manages a dynamic fleet of servers that perform more than 11 million backups per month and process 450 million API requests over the same time period. 260 Terabytes (TB) are transferred daily, and nearly 100 Petabytes (PB) are transferred annually. Operating at this scale in a reliable, performant and cost-effective way has forced the company to develop industry-leading practices for infrastructure container management and automation. “Combining our world-class infrastructure expertise with the foundational CodeGuard backup product to create a feature that allows our customers to work faster, reduce risk and adhere to best practices? That’s a winning proposition for everyone involved”, says Manuzak.

Sandbox Staging™ will allow customers to test work on a staging site and utilize CodeGuard’s backups to create the staging environment almost instantly. With the click of a button, a new server will be provisioned to host the content stored in the backup repository. Now customers can experiment away from production, test new versions of WordPress safely, explore new plugins, and do all of this without downtime or risk to the production site.

CodeGuard Launches Automated Plugin Updates for WordPress

New Solution for Leading Cause of WordPress Site Hacks

ATLANTA, GA. (September 8, 2016) – CodeGuard, Inc. (, the global leader in cloud website backup services announced today a new feature, SiteUpdator™, which provides automated plugin updates for customers with WordPress websites.


“Customers have been asking us for years to update their plugins for them – so that when vulnerabilities are found in a plugin, and if they don’t have time to manually update their plugins, or if their hosting provider doesn’t do it for them, they won’t be victimized due to outdated plugins and end up with a site hosting malware or compromised for use by miscreants”, says CTO Jonathan Manuzak.

SiteUpdator™ will update all of the customer’s WordPress plugins on a daily basis that CodeGuard has access to and that need updating. The updates will take occur after the daily file scans take place. CodeGuard hopes to prevent many of the malware infections from taking place with SiteUpdator™, since the primary reason for site infection is unpatched plugin vulnerabilities. And for zero-day attacks, CodeGuard’s ChangeAlert™ monitoring coupled with the newly released MalwareGone™ have the potential to transform website protection by immediately identifying new threats and then remediating them automatically.

Briefly, the plugin works by backing up the plugins, checking the WP catalog for available updates, and applying the updates one by one. It analyzes the website after each update, and if anything looks broken, it will roll back to a known good state. Only plugins in the WordPress catalog are updated.

Backing up Databases Just Got Easier

For websites using a content management system (CMS), backing up the database is crucial. In fact, database content such as posts, comments, and users is often more important to website owners than the file content (e.g. themes and plugins). That’s why CodeGuard now automatically detects and adds databases for websites built with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


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Realtime Syncing with AWS Lambda

In one of our recent blog posts, we talked about the improvements we have made to integrate our WordPress plugin with our main CodeGuard dashboard. One of the issues we faced when working on this integration was making sure WordPress plugin data are synced with the dashboard quickly so users see changes in close to real time.

We’ve talked about how the CodeGuard WordPress plugin works in the past, but just to give you a short refresher: The plugin first scans the WordPress root directory for files. It splits this content between several small zip files that are then transmitted and safely stored in an Amazon S3 storage account managed by CodeGuard. Combined, these zip files make up a single backup. We also upload log files that can be used to determine which steps in the backup succeeded and which steps failed, as well as an integrity check that we use to verify all of the zip files are present in S3. In order to make details about the backup accessible in our main CodeGuard dashboard, we needed a way to analyze the information stored in S3 and record statistics in our Rails app database that we could then display to users.

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New CodeGuard WordPress Plugin

The CodeGuard WordPress plugin is back! We recently released a WordPress plugin to our customers once again, and so far we’ve been very excited about the feedback coming in. We didn’t just want to release a WordPress plugin and be done with it though. We had high ambition at the beginning of this year to release a plugin that would fit in seamlessly with the existing CodeGuard experience. We wanted a plugin that would be valuable to customers who wanted to use it by itself, or use it alongside other websites they had already added to CodeGuard. For this reason, it was important to us that we incorporate the plugin into our dashboard.

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CodeGuard at WordCampATL: T-shirts, MacBook Air Giveaway, Discounts, and Jobs!!

Producing the most reliable website backup service on the market has not been easy. CodeGuard backs up over 100,000 websites and databases at 99.99% levels, for customers around the world. Our 1-click restores and ChangeAlerts have helped countless webmasters solve problems.

CodeGuard was designed to work with any CMS, and the backbone of our infrastructure is rock solid, with over 200 servers automatically spinning up and down each day to manage the backups. We even have external oversight systems that make sure our backups are not corrupt, missing files, or unusable, and track each step of our backup process to ensure backups complete on a daily basis. 

CodeGuard and WordPress

And having reached industry-leading performance levels, we are excited to focus on WordPress! As one of four platinum sponsors of the WordCampATL, held this Friday and Saturday, we are ready to hear from you, the WordPress community, with your thoughts and suggestions. We are looking for the best WordPress developers and designers to join our team to help bring our industry-leading reliability to the WordPress community.


5 ways we are showing our WordPress love

In addition to our Platinum Sponsorship, which helps to keep the ticket prices down, to show our dedication to the WordPress community, we will be:

1. Giving away a MacBook Air to one lucky attendee
2. Giving away 220 of our prized CodeGuard t-shirts, with 4 different designs to choose from
3. Offering a 67% discount for our Ninja plan – bringing the price to $20/year for WordCampATL attendees.
4. Holding a VIP Event at our office in the Brickworks (1000 Marietta St NW) on April 15th
5. Hiring 2-5 WordPress Developers and Designers to join our team!


Win a MacBook Air: Submission form here

To enter yourself for the MacBook Air drawing, complete this form: The drawing will be completely random, with a single number selected that corresponds with the submission number of the entry. You must be present to win, and the drawing will be held after the last speaker on Saturday.

Work with us! Freelance, part-time, and full-time opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about freelance, part-time, and full-time opportunities at CodeGuard, please complete this form. We will contact you with additional information about a VIP Event to be held in April: The event will be an informal gathering at our office in West Midtown, with appetizers and drinks, that allows for us to get to know you better, and vice versa.

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