New Management Portal for CodeGuard Partners

At CodeGuard, we have the privilege of partnering with some of the best hosting and web service providers in the business. Some of these partners refer customers to to sign up, but others offer our service to their customers through an API-driven integration. With this kind of arrangement, partners interact with CodeGuard through our REST APIs to create new customer accounts, configure backups, generate Single Sign-On links and more. This provides a great experience for customers and allows our partners to offer CodeGuard at scale.

One of the dashboards in the CodeGuard operations center

We do our best to make our backup solution as reliable as possible and integrated partners work hard to streamline the customer experience by automating the process of configuring websites and databases for backups on our platform. However, as the customer base grows, the partner platform is updated and customers make adjustments to their own accounts, issues affecting CodeGuard backups can arise.

Most commonly these issues are connection-related where, for example, a customer unintentionally deletes or de-authorizes the MySQL user CodeGuard was using for backups. Or, a hosting account is upgraded and subsequently moved from one server to another, but the SSH keys provisioned for CodeGuard are not re-authorized on the new host.

We have a rich API, which provides a lot of information about customer accounts and backups, but it’s not always practical for partners to allocate limited development resources for building out custom internal reporting for an offering like CodeGuard. Even though such a tool could illuminate things like connection, credential or firewall issues. In talking with our partners about how we could help address challenges like this, we also found that customer support agents were frequently using CodeGuard functionality like ChangeAlert reports and individual file restore to investigate and remediate issues that customers were contacting the host about.

After a few of these conversations, we saw an opportunity to solve a number of problems for all of our integrated partners at the same time. We have a variety of internal visualizations and tools that we use for these tasks, so the Partner Portal feature was an opportunity to leverage systems we have already built and repurpose them for partner-specific uses. Initially, we wanted to provide partners with an easy way to get information about the accounts they created, perform common account maintenance tasks, and grant access to the customer backups they manage. That is what this initial release of the Partner Portal offers.

The CodeGuard Partner Portal

We anticipate that this will be an ongoing project for us and will continue to work with partners to incorporate their feedback into future development plans for the portal. We have had a number of suggestions already and as a result will be adding more advanced reporting functionality, analytics, and enhanced searching, sorting and filtering. As we launch new partnerships and existing partners continue to expand their CodeGuard customer base at a rapid pace, we want to ensure that in addition to providing rock-solid backups and restores, we are providing the tooling needed for partners to easily manage their CodeGuard integration.

If you are interested in becoming a CodeGuard partner and joining a group of world-class hosting and web service providers, drop us a line!

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