Stay on top of your website with new ChangeAlerts

New ChangeAlerts Help You Track File Changes

Last week, we released an update of our ChangeAlerts, a feature many of our customers value more than our secure cloud website backups. ChangeAlerts notify you when something on your website has changed, and are invaluable for detecting if your website has been compromised. URL redirects to scam sites, drive-by-download malware, and Blackhat SEO Spam (“Pharma Hack”) all rely on changes to your files. And with ChangeAlerts, now you will know if you have been victimized.

The ChangeAlert email summary is intended as a quick way to gain insight into what is happening on and to your website. If anything appears unusual, view the detailed information available once you have logged into your website. This is an abbreviated email summary and not exhaustive.

CodeGuard ChangeAlert

Key Sections: Backup Total, Overview, Website Files, Media Files and Other

Backup Total: High-level for all files

Under the Backup Total section of the ChangeAlert, the summation of files added, modified, and deleted is displayed. This provides a quick snapshot of what is going on with your site.

Overview: static and Dynamic File Granular

The Overview section provides more granular information into important static and dynamic files you should keep your eyes on. Static files are those rendered in the browser, while dynamic require a server to generate the output. Depending on your website and configuration, there are likely other file types that are important to you. This list is not exhaustive, but serves as a starting point for the vast majority of our customers. Html, css, javascript, htaccess, php & ruby files are those we place in the abbreviated overview. If any of these change and you or your developer did not change them, contact us immediately as you may have been hacked.

Website Files: Individual file Listing

In this portion, you can view the names of the files that have changed. The old ChangeAlerts resemble just this portion – pure additions, deletions, and modifications, along with the truncated filenames. We will list up to ten of the file changes here, with the rest viewable upon logging into

Media Files and Other: The rest of your content

Changes to images and video files are much less likely to be problematic, and therefore, are listed last. In this portion, you can view images, videos, and all other file types, which are grouped under “Other”.

ChangeAlerts provide industry-leading visibility into how the content on your website is changing. Stay on top of your site, and gain peace of mind, knowing that if a site is compromised or a malevolent employee defaces the site, you will be the first to know it.


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