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Navigation Simplification

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. – Peace Pilgrim

One of CodeGuard’s main goals is to simplify the backup and restore process so that anyone could do it. With our website redesign, we aimed for just that. The biggest change we made to the app was to the navigation.

What’s different

Our top level navigation remains at the top of your screen, but we’ve combined some of the items making it simpler. The website-specific navigation has been moved just below the top level navbar. The less frequently used support and language option items were moved to the bottom of the screen to get them out of your way. We also put the On Demand Backup button right at the top of your screen to make requesting backups that much easier.

New top navigation with secondary navigation for your website.


New bottom navigation where you can log into the support center or change your language settings.

It’s all for you

Providing top of the line backups is our bread and butter, but it doesn’t do any good to our customers when they can’t find their way around our site. We are really excited for this change and think that it will help you find your way around our system easily and quickly.

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