Is Your Website Mobile?

A recent survey showed that having a mobile-friendly website can really pay off for a small business. Of the respondents with mobile sites, 84% said that they saw an increase in new business due to their mobile marketing efforts.

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However, that is 84% of the 14% that actually have a stand-alone mobile website. So out of 500 small business owners, only 70 have put efforts into a mobile website.

In running your business, marketing is just one of the many hats you wear throughout the day. It is hard enough to maintain one website while you worry about a million other things. But think of yourself as a customer, how often do you use your phone to search for information while waiting in a line, waiting for a meeting to begin, or simply when you are not at your computer? If you do this, then so do your customers. If you do not make it easy to find your business on a mobile device, then they may very well find your competitor.

A mobile website may seem like a daunting task so start with what you already have. Take a look at your website on your phone. Is the main navigation clear?  Can a person find your product/service and contact information? If it is difficult to view your website on your phone, then definitely think about optimizing your site for mobile. Figure out what information is most important for your customers to view and make it prominent via a mobile device.

If you are launching a new site, make sure you talk to your designer about optimizing for mobile or having a mobile version. It is often easier to do this from the start than to rebuild later.

While a mobile website may seem very low on your priority list remember, your website can be your strongest marketing tool. Your customers are everywhere and they have their phones with them all the time. To attract new business, you must first be found. A mobile-friendly website could very well entice enough new business to make the investment worthwhile.


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