The Importance of Style Guides

Why should I use a style guide?

Style guides are a best practice for website design. They ensure that all aspects of the website are consistent by making sure that there are no questions on how to style any aspect of your site. This is especially important on websites that have a team of people working on it making sure that everyone is on the same page. This will keep your website from looking like a Picasso painting and more like the Vitruvian Man.

How did you do it?

We implemented our own style guide when the site was first built. During our recent interface changes to our app, we updated and improved our style guide. The CodeGuard style guide consists of a table of contents, a list of components, examples of these components with sample code, and any notes needed about each element. Our development team frequently references this guide anytime changes are being bade or new tools are being added.

Keep it consistent!

Keeping your website consistent is a key to a great user experience and a good looking site. You can make your style guide as simple or complex as you need it, but the more information available on it, the more benefit you will get out of it. For ideas on how to create an awesome style guide, check out these great examples:

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