Edit Websites from Your iPad with Gusto

Guest Post by Jonathan Hochman, CodeGuard co-founder and CEO of Hochman Consultants

Recently I found myself on a transcontinental flight with WiFi, and downloaded an email from a client stating that I had botched an edit to their website. Usually I can tell people to wait until I get back to the office if they need website edits, but this time I was anxious to make a quick repair. Unfortunately, I have been packing light, with just a backpack and iPad and no laptop.

My solution – I went to the App Store and found Gusto. It took about 10 minutes to download via Gogo Inflight Internet while cruising at 36,000 feet, however, if downloaded before they close the jet door, it’s much quicker. Gusto has a sleek HTML editor, and a Solid FTP/SFTP client. I connected to the server, downloaded the broken files, fixed them, uploaded, and was done with my simple edits in about three minutes.

Gusto’s features include code highlighting, preview, and preview in Safari. The user interface is also intuitive. The only drawback I found is that when renaming a file, I had to jump to a different directory and then back to get the new file name to display.


Gusto costs 9.95 and is well worth it. Lugging around a laptop is a drag. With Gusto, the iPad is a pretty good replacement device, and costs a lot less than a Mac Air. I love being able to edit web site code on airplanes, during meetings or at lunch.

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