Branded Portal Updates

Customizing your CodeGuard experience

For our premium plans, we offer a branded portal option. You can add your own logo and even choose a different color scheme than the default CodeGuard Green. Many of our design agencies and hosting partners use this branded portal to make it their own. When their clients log into their CodeGuard account, they see their logo and colors. With the recent updates to the website, we brought this feature up to date as well.

How we did it

Using Sass, we used variables for the colors used in all of our main Sass files. In the color scheme files, we define those variables to be the color specific to that color scheme. When a user has a custom color scheme chosen, we read from that color scheme’s Sass file where the color variable is defined.

How to access this feature

If you are signed up for a premium plan (Ronin or higher), you will have access to this feature in the “Branding” settings. Click the “Settings” dropdown in the top right of your screen and choose “Branding”. Here, you can set up your own branded portal using your own logo, custom subdomain or custom domain, as well as set up your custom portal color scheme.

If you have any questions about setting this up, let us know!

These are our available colors:

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