How good is your backup? Announcing

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We hear it all the time: “I have a backup plugin”, or “I have a script”. And no one knows how effective those plugins or scripts are. No one. Why? Because no one is measuring. Because the plugins are executed on a shared server that might shut them off. Because the plugins might not be run if there are no visitors to a website. Because the plugins might be shut down by another plugin, a security plugin, perhaps.

Plugins fail. Scripts fail. Backups are not as simple as just having “something”. The “something” needs to work. And until now, no service provider has provided transparency into how well their backup systems work. Why? Either because they are not measuring it (which is likely), or because they are measuring and the numbers are embarrassingly poor.

CodeGuard Announces Trust

CodeGuard is changing that. We believe that transparency and visibility are important, and that backups shouldn’t reside in a forgotten corner until they are needed. Backups should have light shone on their performance, so that when the backups are needed, they won’t be prone to failure.

CodeGuard Trust

The image above displays our numbers for the last week. There were website and database backups that did not complete within 24 hours and there were idiosyncratic edge cases we encountered that prevented us from doing our job properly. Those numbers are real. And for better or worse, they are our numbers.

We backup over 100,000 websites and databases around the world, with content stored in hosting providers based in the United States to India to Chang Mai, Thailand. Over 200 countries have sent visitors to our website – the interest level is global – which makes sense. Backup is a basic web need, and the internet is global.

So that’s our performance level. How good is your backup?


CodeGuard Featured on NBC’s Atlanta Tech Edge

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CodeGuard was featured on local NBC affiliate WXIA-TV’s Atlanta Tech Edge. The program originally aired on Sunday, April 6th, at 11:30AM EST. Hosted by Wes Moss, Atlanta Tech Edge is a weekly show that features technology businesses and interesting developments in Atlanta’s technology community.

Atlanta Tech Edge

While the focus of the segment was on CodeGuard, and how CodeGuard can help the millions of website owners and webmasters around the world, Atlanta Tech Edge host Wes Moss and CodeGuard CEO David Moeller shared a common bond, in that both had been featured on reality TV shows. Wes was on the Apprentice and David appeared on ABC’s American Inventor, the precursor to the current SharkTank program.

CodeGuard Atlanta Tech Edge

It was an honor to be invited to participate on the program and share about some of the progress CodeGuard has made, as well as how we can help website owners by providing an easy way to remediate problems. With the single click of a button, damage can be undone and balance restored! Watch the full video here:—CodeGuard

David Moeller on NBC



CodeGuard Sponsors Los Angeles WHIR Event

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After years of fine-tuning, meticulous attention to detail and paranoia about performance, we are excited about bringing our industry-leading solution to more webmasters around the globe! So what better way than to meet with new hosting friends on the left coast?? We couldn’t imagine one, other than blowing out HostingCon (see more in mid-June), so we decided to sponsor this Thursday’s WHIR event in LA. It looks to be a fun time, so if you are a hosting provider considering attendance, let this be your official invitation.

Los Angeles WHIR Event


The event will be held at Wood & Vine - 6280 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90028. Join us for networking, giveaways (we are giving away a $100 Amazon giftcard), and what looks to be a beautiful evening!

CodeGuard Backup for Rackspace Cloud Sites

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Rackspace is an IT hosting company based in San Antonio, Texas, with offices and data centers around the world. Traded on the NYSE under “RAX”, Rackspace is known for the fanatical support provided by their employees and is consistently one of the top 100 places to work according to Fortune magazine. One of their offerings is called Cloud Sites, and it is a platform as a service, similar to traditional web hosting but built on scalable infrastructure.

CodeGuard Backup for Rackspace Cloud Sites

We are excited to announce that we are the exclusive provider of choice for Rackspace Cloud Sites Backup. Rackspace customers will see the following when they log into their control panel:

Rackspace Cloud Sites control panel

Cloud Sites customers can learn more about the pricing and plans available to them from within their dashboard. It is exciting to help Rackspace meet the needs and desires of their customers, fulfilling the most requested feature on the Cloud Sites forum:

Key features available to Cloud Sites customers are: daily backup, monitoring, and 1-click restores. In addition, Cloud Sites customers can utilize advanced plans to manage their clients’ sites, and take advantage of our custom-branded portals and client access features.

Thanks to the entire Rackspace Cloud Sites team for making this partnership happen!


March Feature Medley Series – Part 4: WordPress — The Beginning

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It’s been a very exciting week for the CodeGuard team. We’ve officially announced three new features at this point, and on top of that we’re in the middle of sponsoring the WordCamp ATL conference!

It’s time to announce the final feature this week for our March Feature Medley Series. We’ve saved this one for last because of the WordCamp conference, and that’s because it’s the addition of WordPress specific data-display in the CodeGuard dashboard!
CodeGuard WordPress Dashboard


If we detect that your website or database is running on WordPress, we can now show you specific information about your content such as how many current posts you have, users, themes, plugins, and more.
CodeGuard WordPress Information


Right now we have BIG plans in the works for WordPress websites. We’re not going to reveal everything that we have in the development-pipeline here today, but as a teaser we’re happy to say that we are moving towards a dashboard that can show you specific information based on the CMS you are using.
So, what does this new feature mean for you? Like our File Browser feature, this feature will be very useful to our customers who are trying to figure out what backup they need for a restore. Let’s say you want to restore your website back to a date it was a few months ago. You’re not really sure if you need a backup from February, January, or December… but what you do remember is the theme you had at the time, or what plugins you had installed at the time of the backup you need. This information gives our uses a quick and easy way to see what state their website was at, at any point in time.

What else do we plan to do with this feature? As a backup, monitoring, and restore service we hope to integrate WordPress specific information into all three of these core features very soon. This will make CodeGuard a more useable tool for people who use WordPress, design for WordPress websites, and develop WordPress websites. Basically, in the next few months you can expect many more exciting things to be released from CodeGuard!

Overall, we hope you’ve enjoyed our March Feature Medley Series. We started the week off by releasing our File Browser feature, and then announced our new Website Backup Success and Database Backup Success Graphs for the dashboard. Yesterday we proudly announced our heavily anticipated Test Restore feature, and today we are happy to close the week out with exciting news about our WordPress specific information display in the dashboard. Our team has been hard at work trying to make sure we started 2014 off with a bang. Do you think we succeeded? Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know!

Thank you for following our March Feature Medley Series!